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Global Start-UP: NUS at UC Chile

En la fotografía aparecen tres de los súper árboles de Singapur, un atractivo turístico de gran representatividad sobre el país asiático.

The Office of the Vice President for International Affairs at UC Chile along with National University of Singapore, extend the call to participate in the program: UC Chile Global Start-Up, as a representation of the collaborative work between both institutions.

The UC Chile Global Start-Up program seeks to promote the internationalization of the innovation ecosystem at UC Chile. In this opportunity, NUS and UC Chile have collaborated to foster international partnerships for start-ups connected to UC Chile, through internship opportunities for highly qualified students, that can support these companies in reaching their national and international goals.


  1. Contribute to the internationalization of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at UC Chile by collaborating with international students and Chilean start-ups.
  2. Offer National University of Singapore undergraduate and master students the opportunity to contribute to developing start-ups that collaborate with UC Chile by participating in an internship for up to 35 hours a week for 12 months.

Program Overview:

  • Twelve-month full-time (August 2024-July 2025) internship opportunity in a Chilean start-up​
  • 1 course in UC Chile ​
  • UC Chile benefits and services​
  • Monthly stipend according to Chilean minimum wage (USD 500- according to the exchange to Chilean Peso).


Students’ application process / National University of Singapore
Open call 01 December 2023
Info session with National University of Singapore TBD
Deadline for applications 05 January 2024
Interviews between 10 and 19 of January 2024
Results from January 20 2024


Start of the Internships /National University of Singapore Students
Welcome ceremony July 2024
Internship start date August 2024
End of internship June-July 2025


Start-up's Eligibility Criteria

Start-ups who are interested in participating in this program, must consider the following criteria:

  • Be a start-up working in partnership or as part of the UC Start-up network
  • Host a National University of Singapore student for twelve months (august 2024 to July 2025)
  • Manage an internship space entirely in English

Also, start-ups must consider that when offering an internship opportunity, the offer must consider:

  • Internship offer of up to 35 hours per week
  • Definition of academic requirements, technical knowledge and desired skills
  • Designation of an internship supervisor who communicates in English with the student
  • Have the ability to pay a monthly salary to the student for their internship in Chile
  • Interview potential candidates, make the final selection, and inform the Vice Presidency for International Affairs of the results

Student application - Eligibility requirements

Students applying to the internships have to be previously approved by the National University of Singapore according to their own criteria for participation in this program. Once you have been approved and have reviewed internship offers, you can start your application. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to submit the necessary information and documentation. Interested students can apply for up to 3 offers and must upload the following documents.

Statement of Purpose (One page)

Updated CV or Resume (One page)

Transcripts or records of the last academic period (non-official transcripts admitted).

The students interested in being part of this program must apply through our platform.

Internship opportunities at UC-Chile start-ups

Students can review the internship offers according to the description and the technical knowledge that each start-up has offered.

Apply here