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Spanish in Chile Summer/Winter 2024

"Spanish in Chile: Culture, Traditions and Experiential Learning" en UC Chile busca promover la inmersión en el idioma español, llena de pasión, historia y tradición, por medio de distintas alternativas presenciales y online, las cuales les permitirá tener a los participantes un acercamiento a nuestra cultura, generando una experiencia única y positiva.

About the Program

The UC | Chile Spanish Program has over 30 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language, which seeks to teach this language, both in the Chilean and Latin American ways.

Created in 1990, It is the first center for teaching Spanish as a second/foreign language (EFL) in Chile. The trajectory of our programs makes them the most reliable and prestigious in Chile and Latin America, where more than 4,000 people have learned Spanish in its courses.

The program seeks to promote immersion in our language, full of passion, history, and tradition, through different on-campus, online, and tailor-made alternatives, allowing the participants to approach our culture, generating a unique and positive experience.

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Cristián Bonilla, M.A.

Head of Study Abroad & International Internships